Concluding last week’s story, the Slitheen have taken over the British Government and are intending to cause a nuclear apocolypse for their own sinister reasons, which may not be what you expect.


Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
David Verrey as Joseph Green
Cammille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones
Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith
Rupert Vansittart as General Asquith
Morgan Hopkins as Sergeant Price
Andrew Marr as himself
Annette Badland as Margaret Blaine
Steve Speirs as Strickland
Jack Tarlton as Reporter
Lachele Carl as Reporter 2
Corey Doab as Spray Painter
Elizabeth Frost, Paul Kasey and Alan Ruscoe as the Slitheen

Directed by Keith Boak

Written by Russel T. Davies

Original Airdate

Originally broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 23rd April 2005.


Aliens have taken over the British Government and plan to cause a nuclear apocalypse.

High Point

The Doctor informing the Slitheen that he will stop them personally. There’s no playfulness here, just an absolute deadly serious side of him which we haven’t seen much of. It’s extremely effective – probably because it’s so rare.

Low Point

Living Calcium? I know it’s Doctor Who Technobabble, but it’s a little thin.

The Review

Being the second part of a two-parter about an alien invasion could hurt the originality score, but there’s a good element of unexpectedness here, from what the Slitheen plan to do with the Earth to how the Doctor goes about stopping them. It doesn’t feel tired at any point. Five out of six.

The effects, unsurprisingly, were much the same as last week’s. Some of the compositing looked fairly awful, and I’m sure rocket exhaust doesn’t look like that. Three out of six, as last week, although it must be noted that most of the effects shots were of the kind that looks difficult to do well on a TV budget.

Last week I found it hard to rate the story, but with this week’s episode we have the conclusion, and I can give it a healthy five out of six.

The acting was once again good, although I did feel that the police sergeant wasn’t right in some of his reactions. This might be down to characterisation, but in places it looks like bad acting. Still, based on the performances by the other characters, I’ll give it five out of six.

The emotional response was stronger than last week’s, largely due to Rose’s mother. Five out of six.

Production was better than last week – surprisingly good, under the demands of the story. Although they had to have been the same sets, I didn’t notice any wobbling this week. The editing remains quite sharp and is mostly spot on. Five out of six.

Last week I said that I wanted to see this week’s episode immediately. I had to wait a week of course, but I’m not disappointed. An overall score, therefore, of five out of six.

That leaves us with a grand total of thirty-three out of forty-two.

Next Week: Dalek

I don’t usually do this bit, but it’s a Dalek… Judging by the trailer attached to the end of this week’s episode, one Dalek is found on a future version of Earth and predictably starts causing havoc. The Dalek itself looks excellent, and the special effects of its weaponry are like what they were trying to do in the original series, but couldn’t because the technology wasn’t available. It definitely looks like it’s going to be good.