Superman and Lois is greenlit as a series

Before we get the reviews of the final two chapter of CW’s DC Crisis, news has come out that Superman and Lois was picked up as a series to spin off of Supergirl.  It will follow the two title characters as they explore the adventures of parenthood with their newborn.  They may be joined by Green Arrow and the Canaries, who gets a backdoor pilot in the back half of Arrow‘s final season.

2 replies on “Superman and Lois is greenlit as a series”

  1. Green Arrow and the Canaries…. Yeah… I heard them play once. Back in ’81, it was, at the Horseshoe.

  2. It could make for an interesting take on Superman. They’ve got a good take on the Man of Steel.

    At least, I’m slightly more interested at present in the return of Lois and Clark than I am in Birds of Tweet.

    But mostly, I’m kinda done with the Arrow-verse.

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