Weekly DVD Picks – Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More DVDs are on the way this week. There’s a lot of
well received stuff out now.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • Controversial
    Classics Collection
    : Warner is doing a great job
    with themed
    releases. The Film Noir collection from last year is
    getting a well
    deserved followup this July, there’s a Gangster set
    already out, and
    now this. Blackboard Jungle may be the best
    known of the
  • Hoop
    : There aren’t many truly excellent
    documentaries available,
    or at least visible in the DVD market. This is one of
  • Life
    with Steve Zissou – Criterion Collection 2 Disc
    : I wanted to
    see this in theaters, and missed it. Now it’s
    available in a low cost
    Criterion Collection DVD, and I won’t miss that.
  • Treasures
    American Film Archives
    : A reprint of an old, out
    of print
    collection of some really, really early film. I love
    the old stuff,
    and I’m tempted to pick this up.

Finally, the pick of the week. 12
Monkeys (Special
: There’s already a regular release of
this great title,
but this one’s more special. I haven’t looked in
detail at the extras
here, but if you don’t have a copy yet, fix that on