Movie Discussion – “Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist”

I have very little faith in this project. A genre
prequel to a 1970s blockbuster that comes out the day
after Star Wars? Releasing this in this time
seems to me more like a bid to catch the overflow
traffic when Star Wars sells out. The last
time I noticed a movie getting released in this way it
was Lawnmower Man 2.

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  1. Two versions of prequel, this one sounded better
    The made two prequels, as I’m sure you know. This one was to be more of a psychological thriller compared to the re-shot gorefest that was “In the Beginning” (the Exorcist movie, not the B5 movie). You might want to check out some reviews on IMDB.


    • Re: Two versions of prequel, this one sounded better
      I’m more then a little curious about this one… I never bothered with “the beginning” it seems to be well recieved so hopefully it will wind up in a theater around here…

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