Podcast server migration complete

All podcasts claim to have fully migrated, so we’ll see how things play out. There are now multiple feeds for Bureau 42 podcasts once again, each with its own website over at Anchor. The feeds are:

All that, said, I have questions for listeners.

Question number 1: should the complete audiobooks from Bedtime in the Public Domain be included in the Master Audio feed

Question number 2: what old time radio show(s) would you like to hear once X Minus One wraps up? The final X Minus One is scheduled for October 3, 2021.

5 replies on “Podcast server migration complete”

  1. Answer the first: No. I already have it separate and I’d have to unsubscribe to that feed if it showed up in the master feed. In other words, from a purely selfish viewpoint, Naaaaah. (Otherwise, it doesn’t really bug me.)

    Answer the second: What are the options? Is that old timey Superman show where he takes on the real world KKK and invents kryptonite an option?

    • Yes, the original Superman show is an option, although Adam Graham already did a great run on that one. (I even stepped in for him while he needed time to prep another podcast for hosting duties.) Really, anything is fair game, including non-genre options. I’ve been tempted to check out “Duffy’s Tavern,” a comedy set in a bar created by a man whose son would create Cheers, and which is also referenced in The Simpsons. (Instead of Duffy’s Tavern, where the phone is answered, “Duffy’s Tavern, where the elite meet to eat,” they serve Duff been in Moe’s Tavern, “where the elite meet to drink.”)

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