The conclusion of last week’s chilling episode ‘The Empty Child’ – but
really, they could have come up with a better title.

Cast and Crew

Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
Richard Wilson as Dr. Constantine
Florence Hoath as Nancy
John Barrowman as Jack Harkness
Luke Perry as Timothy Lloyd
Albert Valentine as the Child
Cheryl Fergison as Mrs. Lloyd
Damian Samuels as Mr. Lloyd
Robert Hands as Algy
Joseph Tremain as Jim
Jordan Murphy as Ernie
Martin Hodgson as Jenkins
Vilma Hollingbery as Mrs. Harcourt
Noah Johnson was the voice of the Child
Dian Perry was the voice of the Computer

Written by Steven Moffat


The conclusion of last week’s episode ‘The Empty Child’. With the
Child’s plague spreading through London, the Doctor, Rose and Jack
find clues in the hospital which show that the threat is even greater
than they feared.

According to the BBC information, this episode is slightly less
scary than the previous one. This seems to hold out, but it’s still
extremely shiver-worthy.

High Point

The tape recording in the hospital, and the room where they found

Low Point

The end was just a little bit rushed. Another five minutes would
have wrapped things off perfectly. Or perhaps less time spent on the

The Review

As with last week, this feels original. Much the same
comments as then, but since this is the same story that’s hardly
surprising. Five out of six.

The effects this week were better, probably because there
was less footage of the air raid, and so the overall difficulty of them
was lower. What effects there were held up very well. Five out of six.

As with last week, this week’s story is interesting and
frightening at the same time. Not as frightening, but the gradual
unveiling of what’s going on will always make things less scary – fear
often relies on the characters not really knowing what’s going on. As
we reach the denouement, many things are explained which give a
good sense of completeness and understanding to the entire affair.
Five out of six.

Once more, I cannot complain about the acting. Six out of

For emotional response, this episode won’t score six for
pure terror like last week’s, because as mentioned above it simply isn’t
as scary. It does have a strong cathartic element to it, but doesn’t quite
hit the spot the same way. Five out of six.

The production works out better than last week’s. The
scenes in the hospital were well done and superbly dressed, as was the
climax of the story. Five out of six.

Overall it’s a good conclusion to the story, but doesn’t
quite make the six point mark. Five out of six.

This leaves a grand total of thirty-six out of forty-two, only one
point less than the first part. Between them, these two form what is
probably going to be the best story of the first series of this new
Doctor Who.

Next Week

Boom Town – the TARDIS crew take a holiday, but the
Doctor encounters an enemy he thought long since dead. A plan to
build a nuclear power station in Cardiff City disguises an alien plot to
rip the world apart. And when the Doctor dines with monsters, he
discovers traps within traps.