Now that our Big Screen Batman week has come to a
close, we’re going to fill everyone in on our next
batch of pre-planned reviews. Starting in July, we’ll
have Summer Double Features every Sunday, with reviews
of pairs of related titles. For the complete
schedule, click on the “Read More” bit below.

  • July 3: We kick off with two TV miniseries from a
    couple of years back: Frank Herbert’s Dune: The
    Director’s Cut
    and Children of
  • July 10: Our second week takes care of two
    requested reviews: Back To The Future 2 and
    Back To The Future 3. (The original was
    reviewed a
    while ago
  • July 17: Lighter fare continues with two of
    Disney’s live action flicks from the 1980s:
    Tron and The Black Hole.
  • July 24: Continuing with light tones but moving a
    considerable distance from the realm of children’s
    entertainment, we’ll have reviews of Monty Python
    and the Holy Grail
    and Monty Python’s Life of
    , two of the funniest fantasy flicks I’ve
    ever seen.
  • July 31: At this point, we move to more serious
    fare, with two movies about first contact:
    Contact and The Abyss.
  • August 7: Studies of the human social creature
    will continue into August with reviews of both
    versions of The Stepford Wives.
  • August 14: After dealing with artificial people,
    we’re going to look at advanced medical science and
    how it might change or control people with reviews of
    Gattaca (another request) and Eternal
    Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • August 21: We’re moving into some lighter material
    this week, looking at superpowered outcasts with
    reviews of X-Men and Blade.
  • August 28: Our summer double features wrap up with
    reviews of The Naked Lunch and Liquid

These reviews are already posted on our review
. It includes release dates for many of
the genre films coming out this year, and in many
cases, the name of the Bureau author who will be
reviewing them. Feel free to browse.