Weekly DVD Picks – Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another week, another batch of releases. The genre
releases seem to be in high proportion this time

First, the genre releases:

  • Alien
    : Image Entertainment generally does a
    good job of
    releasing copyright expired material, showing enough
    respect to use
    clean, intact copies and transfer them with care.
    This collection
    includes The Brain From Planet Arous,
    Cat-Women of the
    , Missile to the Moon, and The
    Day It Came to
  • Bewitched:
    Complete First Season
    : This is being released in
    time for the
    Nicole Kidman / Will Farrell movie. The interesting
    thing is that the
    release is coming in the original black and white
    (linked above) and
    in the colorized
    version. It’s an interesting choice to give
  • The
    Shorts of Jan Svankmajer
    : Kino International is
    releasing this
    collection of animation from an Eastern Eurpean
    master. I’ve heard a
    lot of buzz and respected around this guy, but I’ve
    never seen his
  • Cursed
    (Unrated Version)
    : The version linked here
    contains two minutes
    that producers feared would generate an R-rating
    instead of the PG-13
    the studio wanted.
  • Dark
    : The Japanese original is coming to DVD a
    few weeks before
    the remake. (The remake is due on July 8, and stars
    Jennifer Connelly.)
  • Farscape:
    Season 2, Starburst Collection 1
    : The starburst
    (ie. lower per episode cost releases) are continuing
    for this show.
    I’m holding off a little while longer, but if they
    start putting these
    in boxed sets, I think I’ll cave.
  • Miyazaki
    : This 11 DVD collection contains Castle
    in the Sky
    Kiki’s Delivery Service, Nausicaa of the
    Valley of the
    , Porco Rosso, Princess
    , and
    Spirited Away.
  • Monster
    Madness Collection
    : Like the alien attack
    collection listed above,
    Image Entertainment is releasing Lost
    , The
    Giant Gila Monster
    , She Demons, and
    Monster from
    Green Hill
  • Tabitha
    – The
    Entire Series
    : This was a spin-off of
    Bewitched, and is
    likely being released to benefit from the
    cross-promotion that’s bound
    to happen with the movies.
  • Willy
    and the Chocolate Factory
    : Yet more cross
    promotion as the Gene
    Wilder version gets released just in time for the Tim
    Burton film.

Now, the non-genre releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. The
New Outer Limits
Boxed Set
: This 6 DVD set includes themed releases
of episodes.
Two collections, Sex and Science Fiction and
Time Travel
and Infinity
have already been released. (I own
them, though my
copy of the first is defective. This set tempts me
for the upgrade.)
The other four collections, Aliens Among Us,
Death and
, Fantastic Androids and Robots,
and Mutation
and Transformation
, are new with this release,
and are also
available individually. As I’ve also been collecting
Canadian-only season set releases, I’ll probably hold
off on these.
The Canadian ones are censored, though, and I always
prefer versions
edited for art rather than broadcast or studio
restrictions. These
episodes include selections from throughout the run of
the show, with
all seasons represented. There are undoubtedly some
good ones in
here. The run down is as follows:

  • Aliens Among Us includes “Quality of
    Mercy,” “Afterlife,”
    “The Grell,” “Relativity Theory,” “Alien Shop,” and
    “Beyond the Veil.”
  • Death and Beyond includes “The Second
    Soul,” “The Other
    Side,” “New Lease,” “Essence of Life,” “Human Trials,”
    and “Black Box.”
  • Fantastic Androids includes “I, Robot,”
    “The Hunt,”
    “Resurrection,” “The Camp,” “Glitch,” and “Small
  • Mutation and Transformation includes “The
    New Breed,”
    “Descent,” “The Joining,” “Double Helix,” “The Gun,”
    and “The
  • Sex and Science Fiction includes “Caught
    in the Act,”
    “Bits of Love,” “Valerie 23,” “The Human Operators,”
    “Skin Deep,” and
    “Flower Child.”
  • Time Travel and Infinity includes “A
    Stitch In Time,”
    “Tribunal,” “Gettysburg,” “Time to Time,” “Deja Vu,”
    and “Patient

The two previously released sets seem to have more
special features

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  1. That’s a tasty looking 6 pack!
    I only have one of the 6, though I’ve seen and enjoyed all of them. Very interresting marketing strategy there… they might suceed in getting me to buy it again to get the rest at a bargain.

    • Re: That’s a tasty looking 6 pack!

      I only have one of the 6, though I’ve seen and enjoyed all of them. Very interresting marketing strategy there… they might suceed in getting me to buy it again to get the rest at a bargain.

      My one bug with the Miyazaki boxed set is it omits Castle of Cagliostro, but that’s just me.

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