Rose is being held hostage by the Daleks, and Earth is facing a full-scale
Dalek invasion. Does the sonic screwdriver have a setting for this

Cast and Crew

Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant as the Doctor
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
John Barrowman as Captain Jack
Jo Stone-Fewings as Male Programmer
Jo Joyner as Lynda
Paterson Joseph as Roderick
Nisha Nayar as Female Programmer
Noel Clarke as Mickey
Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg and David Hankinson operated the
Anne Robinson was the voice of the Anne Droid
Nicholas Briggs was the voice of the Daleks

Written by Russell T. Davies

Directed by Joe Ahearne

Daleks created by Terry Nation

Originally aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom on the
18th of June 2005


The Doctor faces down a Dalek army about to invade Earth which
is holding Rose hostage.

High Points

  • The Doctor’s rescue of Rose
  • Rose’s realisation what all the Bad Wolf means

Low Point

Roderick. He’s just irritating and far too one-dimensional. How
many times have we seen a character like that just before an alien

The Review

So, the Daleks invade Earth. That’s been done, but not like this.
The low point detracts from this score a bit, as does the final
resolution. Doctor Who may not have done this before, but
other things have. That said, the plot still shows some nicely
original quirks and combinations. Four out of six.

We’ve come to expect a pretty high standard from the
effects and this week they really did deliver. Six out of six.

As a continuation of last week’s episode, the story once
more has to rate highly, although it’s not perfect. Some of the pacing
just didn’t seem quite right – if anything, this could’ve done with
another fifteen minutes so that everything could have happened at its
proper pacing. Oh, and the Doctor once more does two weeks’ work in
five minutes. Five out of six.

Since the cast are either returning regulars or the same as
last week I cannot fail to give them six out of six again.

The emotional response is strong. Rose in particular
inspires strong feelings as she works her way through the situation to
her solution, taking control of her destiny. This brings up a parallel
thread in Jackie, who is once more faced with the certainty of losing
her daughter. Five out of six.

The production was remarkable. There’s not much more I
can say about it really – we’ve seen Daleks fight in the series already,
and in large numbers they’re even better. Six out of six.

My overall score has to be a resounding six out of six.
This is a fine way to finish the series (and for Ecclestone to bow out of
the role), and leaves us wanting more more more! I can barely wait
until the Christmas special, and the thought of having to wait until
March to see series two is really not a pleasant one. Roll on Doctor

And that gives a total of thirty-eight out of forty-two.