Weekly DVD Picks – Tuesday, July 5, 2005

There aren’t a lot of interesting titles out this
week, but some are very good.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • Bride
    : A Bollywood remake of Jane Austen that
    received great
  • Monk
    – Season
    : This should keep you busy until the third
    season of Columbo
    is released on August 9.
  • Prozac
    : Christini Ricci in a more grown up role
    than she’s done

Finally, the pick of the week. Film
Noir Classic
Collection Vol. 2
: Warner Brothers has done a
great job with these
themed sets, and we’ve got some quality films to start
off with in
this set. The first volume is wonderful. The movies
aren’t arranged
chronologically, though, so the first set was probably
the five that
WB thought were the best, and this will be the next
five on the list,
so we can expect a slight dip in quality from the
first to the second,
but given how high the quality of the first was, I’m
not concerned.
With directors like Godard and Lang, I’m sold.