Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2020 October 4

We have a few less shows to watch, but we have plenty of content themed for the big holiday, October Countdown!  First, some animated Ducks explore a local haunted house, while the bots of Big Hero 6 swap identities and cospay as each other.  The Boys raises the age recommendation for their season finale, and if you didn’t have any weekend plans, The Haunting of Bly Manor (follow up to the Haunting of Hill House) drops as well, bookending your week with some of the worst realty investments, even in this market.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

DuckTales – S03E1 – The Trickening! – The kids forego their usual trick-or-treat path and instead take on the most haunted house in Duckburg, while Launchpad confronts ghosts from the past.

Big Hero 6: The Series – S03E04 – Trading Chips – Hiro switches Baymax’s chip with Mini-Max’s so that Baymax can rescue Mochi.

Big Hero 6: The Series – S03E05 – Mini Noodle Burger Max – A low-charged Baymax and Mini-Max join forces with Noodle Burger Boy to save Big Hero 6.

The Boys – S02E07 – What I Know – Becca shows up on Butcher’s doorstep and begs for his help. The Boys agree to back Butcher, and together with Starlight, they finally face off against Homelander and Stormfront. But things go very bad, very fast.

The Haunting of Bly Manor – S02 – Dead doesn’t mean gone. An au pair plunges into an abyss of chilling secrets in this gothic romance from the creator of “The Haunting of Hill House.”

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  1. Primal – S01E06 – Plague of Madness – A sick and unstoppable sauropod has set an eye for two new preys

    Got it, I will add this to the future BBTTs,

    B42BTT? B2T2?

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