Weekly New Releases – Dec. 29, 2020

Welcome to the final new release column of 2020.

Case Closed: The Crimson Love Letter
Comments One of the annual anime films for Case Closed/Detective Conan
Devilman Lady
Comments A spinoff of Go Nagai’s Devil Man Manga, set in one of the series many alternate universes.
Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
Comments Season 4 of Full Metal Panic, animated by Kyoto Animation.
Comments Spin-off of the Giant Robo OVA.
Honest Thief
Last Shift
Lowdown Dirty Criminals
Lupin the 3rd: Tokyo Crisis
Comments The tenth Lupin III TV special, from 1998.
Mind Like Still Water
Night in Casablanca

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “I’ll probably be picking up Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory.” Blaine says, “I’ll be waiting for a better week. That could be a long wait.”

5 replies on “Weekly New Releases – Dec. 29, 2020”

    • That can be a good thing. A decade or so ago when Mamma Mia! first came out on video, my niece insisted we watch it in the tired evening of Christmas Day. After having driven to house the day before and partaken in a very busy holiday, I fell asleep after the opening scenes and awoke during the finale.

      I still haven’t watched the video, though I did eventually see a live production.

  1. Is there a new list we could start using that isn’t hardcopy related? Last week we got Soul and Wonder Woman 1984 as home video releases, and next year is going to see a lot more ten-pole movies that aren’t going to show up on this kind of list until much later, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we are getting to the point where some never do make it to this list.

    I get that this becomes extra difficult because I am sure the entire series of Sabrina will be available to watch digitally by the end of the year, but won’t show up in a way that you can video offline (without some… lets say “effort” on your part.)

    Sorry for the whiny complaint, I am just bemoaning the loss of a simple and effective “New Release!” section, which has little to do with how The Bureau is publishing it.

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