Weekly DVD Picks – Tuesday, August 9, 2005

There are some excellent DVDs coming out this week,
many of which were just barely edged out as the Pick
of the Week.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • The
    Wilder Collection
    : “Sunset Boulevard,” “Stalag
    17,” and “Sabrina”
    are included here.
  • CSI –
    Complete First Season
    : This appears to be a
    repriced rerelease of
    the first season.
  • CSI –
    Complete Second Season
    : This appears to be a
    repriced rerelease of
    the second season. I’ve been following the series on
    DVD only, and
    I’m quite pleased with the first four seasons.
  • Columbo
    – The
    Complete Third Season
    : The first two seasons were
    a lot of fun to
    rewatch. I’m looking forward to this one.
  • McCloud

    Seasons One and Two
    : This Dennis Weaver series was
    aired along with
    Columbo and…
  • MacMillan
    Wife – Season One
    : … as a part of the ABC
    Mystery Movie.
    Columbo is still the superior entry in the series, as
    far as I’m
  • The
    Naked Gun
    DVD Gift Set
    : The three Naked Gun films in one
  • Necessary
    : Scott Bakula was in this football
    flick. The first
    time I saw it was with a football team who had just
    been shut out of
    the playoffs, and the response from that segment of
    the audience
    helped everyone enjoy it. Rewatching it later, it
    didn’t hold up as
    well, but it gets some things right that most of these
    movies get
    wrong. (For example, they manage a happy ending
    without turning this
    terrible underdog team into the team that wins the
  • Pretty
    : One of many Molly Ringwald movies.
  • The
    : Probably just a rerelease, but the
    movie’s good enough
    that I felt I should point it out.

Finally, the pick of the week. Profit
– The Complete
: This was an incredible show. It was the
first time in my
life that I found a show that had no good guys, and
was just amazingly
written. It was also the first time that a show I
enjoyed was ripped
from the air when it was just getting started. All I
clearly remember
now is the cardboard box, and the relationship with
the stepmother. I
look forward to seeing the episodes that had been
unaired at the time
of cancellation. The show was co-created by David
Greenwalt, now best
known for his work on Angel.