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  1. uh… what?
    Discussion-starter is in an alternate reality, as "Hidden" is episode 10 of 13 for this season. Episode List
    This was an awesome episode, twists in a few places, and a wicked ending. The one thing I didn’t like was the ‘bullet time‘, it seemed out of place in this show.
    The idea that "the future" killed Jordan Collier after he fulfilled his purpose seems to fit — their sleeper agent could resurface to do more hits, but I doubt it. But how does Maia fit in? If "the future" gives her visions, then they could be directing Diana’s actions. But if she sees everything, then she must be holding back information for a damn good reason.
    Is it too soon to expect word about season 3?

    • Re: uh… what?
      While we are talking about Jordan’s death, I would like to air a greviance. What is the entertainment industrie’s obsession with .50 cal rifles? Why does it feel like every sniper has to use them? And why did they have to do so poorly too? We saw the weapon during Kyle’s various flashbacks. We saw the bright red "HK" logo of Heckler and Koch. We even got a good look at the rifle as it was being assembled/dissassembled, as well as when Kyle was running after taking the shot. It was a HK SL9SD http://hkpro.com/sl9sd.htm .Sorry about the link not being spoilered out but unless you’ve seen what I’m talking about it won’t spoil anything.

    • Re: uh… what?

      The one thing I didn’t like was the ‘bullet time‘, it seemed out of place in this show.

      I agree. The bullet time doesn’t seem to serve any purpose, unless we are supposed to believe either that Diana has some Matrix-esque bullet-dodging power or Tom saved her at the last second (his "rescue" actually seemed too late).

  2. wait here
    “You wait by the phone in case someone calls.”

    How long will this cliché endure? Tom lives by his cell phone, so why wouldn’t someone think to call him on it if no one answered at home.

  3. Season 3
    Does anyone know when season 3 starts, next summer?, i hope not. I dunno if anyone saw the season finale, I did, at the end Isabelle the 4400 baby,walks into seans office and is like 18 and naked, wtf. What does this mean and what happened to her. Also after this scene, they show a man walking on the shores of the Lake where the 4400 were dropped, the man turns around and it is Jordan collier in rags and a beard and long hair(blonde hair, wuts up with this. The next season is gunna be ridiculous if this was a sample. I turned the TV off and was like wut just happened, I have tivo so I went back and looked at it like 3 times, INCREDIBLE. Isabelle grown up Collier back, huh?

    Can anyone help with my confusion.

    • Re: Season 3
      Its easy dont you remember a couple of episodes ago when the body of jordans disappered? then they just brushed it off like it was nothing. This is what happen and you can quote me, the future took his body brough him back to the exact spot but he was older due to he was there for a number of years, fixed his wound and sent him on his way. Now isabelle is a different story but I would have loved to be Sean. I think that her being the face of the 4400 had a serious growth spurt and was actually sent in to help Sean continue the movement,now either she is bad or jordan is because she set jordan up for failure. But season 3 will be excellent trust me it will all make sence this time next year.

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