Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2021 January 17

The wait is over, as the shows start rushing back!  First, we start by watching The Watch seek a sword.  Then, Batwoman offers us multiple Batwomen and a Bruce Wayne that leaves even the synopsis skeptical.  In American Gods, we see that even when Shadow thinks he can get out, they pull him back in.  The Good Doctor sees if you actually can buy eternal life, while David and Michael turn their guest stars into therapists, and we learn the final choice for their roles on Staged.  Zoey dreams big, and The Expanse really, really cleans their carpets.  The “Teens” on Riverdale return for their fifth year of highschool.  Wanda and Vision doesn’t give us a synopsis, but so far each episode has been a sitcom from a previous decade, and it looks like we just made it to colorization and the seventies.  On The Blacklist, we see Elizabeth Keen turn on Reddington.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]

The Watch – S01E04 – Twilight Canyons – Carcer is willing to do anything to find a sword; the Watch is close on his tail.

Batwoman – S0E01 – Whatever Happened to Kate Kane? – Kate’s friends and family hold on to hope that Kate may still be found, a homeless 25-year-old named Ryan Wilder stumbles upon Kate’s Batsuit. Focused on no longer being a victim, Ryan takes the suit to use as armor and goes rogue in the streets of Gotham, taking out various members of a new gang called the False Face Society. Meanwhile, both Jacob Kane and Luke Fox launch searches for Kate, Mary Hamilton grapples with losing yet another family member, Sophie Moore struggles with things left unsaid to her first love, and Alice is furious that someone got to Kate before she could exact her revenge. At the same time, “Bruce Wayne” returns under the pretense of searching for Kate, but the truth is he wants his suit back and it becomes the clash of imposters as “Batwoman” and “Bruce” square off.

American Gods – S03E02Serious Moonlight – Shadow’s attempt to break away from Mr. Wednesday and the brewing war is thwarted by the secrets of the Gods — both Old and New.

The Good Doctor – S04E07 – The Uncertainty Principle – Dr. Morgan Reznik discovers her patient’s wealth and obsession with extending his life is a dangerous mix that could end up costing more than he can afford.

Staged – S02E05 – The Warthog and the Mongoose (1) – The boys are butting heads, not helped by having to read with various new potential cast members. They are increasingly annoyed at each new interaction while Simon tries to keep the ship steady and Georgia marshals her charity team.

Staged – S02E06 – The Warthog and the Mongoose (2) – The project is in danger. Simon tries to get David and Michael to work together, but it ultimately falls to a final pair of potential cast members to offer a new perspective.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – S02E03 – Zoey’s Extraordinary Dreams – Zoey is haunted by bad dreams that start to affect her personal life. Jenna helps Maggie find her creative spark again.

The Expanse – S05E08 – Hard Vacuum – [No Description Given]

Riverdale – S05E01 – Chapter Seventy-Seven: Climax – Betty and Jughead’s investigation into the auteur leads them to the discovery of a secret underground for red-band screenings. Elsewhere, in order to impress the visiting Naval Academy Commandant, Archie agrees to participate in a boxing exhibition against another candidate – KO Kelly. Meanwhile, as Cheryl prepares for prom, she stumbles upon a major secret that Toni’s been keeping from her.

WandaVision – S01E03 – Episode 3 – [No Description Given – Editor’s Guess: This is the 70s episode.]

The Blacklist – S08x03 – 16 Ounces – Fueled by his betrayal, Elizabeth Keen seeks vengeance on Reddington.

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  1. “really, really cleans their carpets”. In fine form with that one. It would be seriously funny if it actually has a scene with vigorous application of a carpet cleaning device.

  2. I’d like to see WandaVision and I’m curious as to how they’re going to handle the replacement on Batwoman, but those will have to wait. At present, we don’t get either without paying more money.

    But, as always, we look forward to The Expanse. Even this week’s episode, I’m sure, won’t suck.

  3. If they keep going the way they’ve started on Batwoman, the change in lead should work reasonably well. And even make sense in-universe.

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