Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2021 April 11

I hope you Didn’t Count out the Arrowverse, because they’re back on the Television Table this week, as Batwoman faces Black Mask, Pennyworth gets Salty, Black Lightning brings Painkiller back (didn’t we already announce this episode?,) The Flash faces frosty foes, and Supergirl faces the largest letdown in prequel history.  Marvel doesn’t want to be forgotten, and drops the penultimate episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier of Friday.  If you like animation, Miraculous, Invincible, and My Hero Academia also give us new episodes.  If you are trying to stay away from super heroes, there’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist where she sees a medium, and Red takes a break from the Blacklist to visit rural America.

[Edited to add] The Nevers, which is basically Joss Whedon’s Victorian School for Gifted Youngsters, which dropped on Sunday as well.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]

The Nevers – S01E01 – Pilot – London, 1899. Three years after an inexplicable event suddenly equips them with extraordinary abilities, Amalia True and Penance Adair work to protect their kind from widespread, deepening antipathy. Meanwhile, police inspector Frank Mundi investigates a string of murders at the hands of a reportedly Touched and highly dangerous serial killer named Maladie.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – S04E01 – Thruth – Since becoming the new guardian of the Miracle Box, Marinette has been overwhelmed. She doesn’t see her friends anymore, abandons Cat Noir, and misses all her dates with Luka. Luka senses that Marinette has a secret, but she can’t tell him that when she leaves, it is to become Ladybug and save Paris. Deeply hurt that Marinette doesn’t trust him enough to confide her secret, Luka is akumatized into Truth. Helped by his sentimonster, Pharo, a giant eye capable of forcing people to tell the truth, he not only wants to know Marinette’s secret… but also Ladybug and Cat Noir’s secret for Shadow Moth!

Batwoman – S02E10 – Time Off for Good Behavior – As Batwoman focuses even more effort on taking down Black Mask, a new foe emerges, diverting the Bat team’s attention to a distressing issue in Gotham. Continually haunted by the mistakes of his past, Jacob travels down a dangerous path in an attempt to eradicate them. Alice and Julia discover they have an enemy in common.

Pennyworth – S02E10 – The Lion and Lamb – Salt is hell-bent on releasing Project Stormcloud upon London… unless Alfred and his mates can stop it.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – S02E09 – Zoey’s Extraordinary Mystery – After going to see a medium, Zoey’s powers mysteriously start glitching again.

Black Lightning – S04E07 – Painkiller – After attempting to bury the darker, devastatingly lethal Painkiller part of his persona, Khalil Payne has distanced himself away from everyone he knows and loves in a new city, Akashic Valley, in order to find peace… but peace never comes easy for men with pasts like Painkiller. As his violent, destructive history crashes his idyllic new beginning, Khalil is thrusted back into action with a new mission – bring justice where he once gave out punishment – but to do that, he will first have to deal with and harness his darker side, Painkiller.

The Flash – S07E07 – Growing Pains – When a mysterious ice powered enemy frames Frost for a brutal crime, she must find a way to clear her name; Barry and Iris have a surprise houseguest, and Joe continues to deal with Kristen Kramer.

Supergirl – S06E03 – Phantom Menaces – Supergirl makes a new ally. Lena and Lex battle for control of Luthor Corp.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – S01E05 – Episode 5 – [Penultimate Episode – No Description Given]

Invincible – S01E06 – Episode 6 – [No Description Given]

The Blacklist – S08E13 – Anne – Red enjoys a quiet visit with a friend at her home in rural America.

My Hero Academia – S05E04 – Make It Happen, Shinso! – [No Description Given]

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  1. The Nevers was very Joss. I started referring characters as their previous incarnations, like Simon, (who was more Simony.) My wife was into it, so we’re in.

    Black Lightning was a backdoor pilot for a show about Painkiller. It’s set in the DC version of Wakanda, isn’t it?

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