Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2021 June 13

It’s a week for Deceptive Covers, as The Legends tease an episode about chess with the title, but the episode description seems pretty run of the mill.  Batwoman teases a regeneration, but only battles classic villains.  Flash teases a lot of secrets, but instead unmasks everyone.  Superman and Lois suggests missing mothers, but they’re all there and arguing with their kids.  Blacklist gives us a season finale, and suggests to reveal everything about the stars.  Loki, Handmaid, Bad Batch, and My Hero Academia all have new episodes, but doesn’t give us any descriptions.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S06E06 – Bishop’s Gambit – Mick takes the Waverider and Kayla to try and find Sara, but these enemies find themselves needing each other to survive after landing on the possible planet Sara is being held captive. After a report of an Alien attack, the Legends return to their new headquarters where both Spooner and Astra try to connect to the Alien. Meanwhile, Sara devises a plan to escape by using her charm to win over Bishop.

Batwoman – S02E16 – Rebirth – When a familiar foe descends upon Gotham, Batwoman and Mary find they must rely on each other more than ever. Alice has a has a new mission – and gets an unexpected ally to join her.

The Flash – S07E13 – Masquerade – Cecile is forced to confront her past in order to break free from a psychic prison. Meanwhile, Chester takes over for Cisco but makes a mistake that puts Barry in serious danger. Joe investigates Kristen Kramer’s old military ties and discovers an unsettling truth.

Superman & Lois – S01E10 – O Mother, Where Art Thou? – Lana reaches out to Lois and Clark when Kyle starts behaving strangely. Meanwhile, Jonathan opens up to Jordan. Lastly, Sarah storms out after accusing her mom of always covering for her dad.

Loki – S01E02 – Episode 2 – [No Description Given]

The Handmaid’s Tale – S04E10 – Progress – [Season finale, No Description Given]

The Blacklist – S08E21 – Nachalo – [Season finale] When Reddington takes Liz to the mysterious epicenter of his empire, their shared past reveals itself and long buried secrets are divulged.

The Bad Batch – S01E08 – Episode 8 – [No Description Given]

My Hero Academia – S05E13 – Have a Merry Christmas! – [No Description Given]

If there is a show you watch you feel should be on the list, please let me know, we are happy to expand the table to include new shows!

4 replies on “Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2021 June 13”

  1. The reveal on Legends was interesting. Though anyone that didn’t see it coming by the first few minutes of this episode probably should have. Whether it is what it seems to be is still an open question, of course, though they do seem to have been playing this sort of thing straight. The title of the next episode does suggest some interesting complications, though.

  2. Superman and Lois is still pretty high quality, but I think that we can’t claim this Krypton is the same one Supergirl came from.

    Edit to Add: And Wikipedia reminds me we had a Morgan Edge on Supergirl already, so nevermind, we’ve been far from the same universe for the whole season.

    • Also, I feel bad for Lois, who now is watching her husband talk to his mother in his High School Sweetheart’s body. Freud couldn’t help her deal with that situation.

    • I’ll eventually post a review of the last two episodes and the dubious semi-resolution to the Morgan Edge situation. We can blame any inconsistencies on the Crisis reboot– and on the still-answered question of whether this show exists in the same temporal setting as this one.

      I intend to address, at least in passing, the Lanal situation you address.

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