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  1. “The Crossing”
    Is the next episode? The one tonight? I thought it was a train… That kid is crazy cute from the commercial.

    Has anyone else heard about the “haunted set”? I wonder if those rumors just get started or if “entities” or whatever are drawn to places where they are being talked about — maybe it’s all bs.

    • Re: “The Crossing”
      ive heard about those rumors too!! i kinda believe them even though i havent seen the show yet to tell you the truth. but ive heard alot of rumors about it. i read that the voice in the beginning that says “can you see us?” is a real ghost. is that what you heard? but im gonna watch tonight to see what all the buzz is about and ill have a full report manana bout it!

      • Re: “The Crossing”
        I did hear about the opening titles and the creepy voice — I don’t know about that. If it’s true, that’s messed up but who could verify?? but I also heard that there have been bizarre photos and weird “instances” — like I said maybe it’s all just bs

  2. looking forward
    im so friggin stoked about tonights show bro. i havent heard anything about these rumors but i know the first episode was creepy. but ghostsss!!!! eeekk! real ones eeekk!

    • Re: looking forward
      hmm that sounds a little weird to me. where did you get your info? i heard something about it earlier but i still dont know if i believe it. i did see the show on friday and notices that voice in the opening credits. i have to admit, it was kind of creepy…but a real ghost?? i dont know about that

  3. Real Ghost Voice?
    This is so freaky – I just heard that same rumor today. Except I heard it at the gym from a girl whose boyfriend’s uncle (or something like that) supposedly works in sound recording in Hollywood. And I guess he had heard the rumors too. According to him, they had to use a computer to enhance the sound from a real “EVP” recording. So it sounds like it might be true.

    If it’s for real, that is toooooo strange!! I saw tonight’s episode and LOVED IT (man, did I cry!) but I missed the opening credits, which is where the voice is supposed to be. I am so mad! Guess I gotta tune in againb next week, but that episode looks really good too, from the commercial. About the ghost of a girl who takes revenge or something.

    Did anyone else see this show or hear the voice in the credits? If so, PLEASE respond – I’m new here and want to find out!!!!!!

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