Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2021 November 28

I hope everyone has a quiet week with family, regardless of last week’s turkey consumption, because this week is lighter on television.  This week, Lost in Space will drop its third and final season.  The Doctor continues to uncover her past while sorting out The Flux, The Flash visits The Hall of Justice with Black Lightning, Riverdale makes Rivervale make tough choices,  Young Justice gives us some magic, and The Legends give us a Bebbo Christmas special.  Wheel of Time introduce some new faces.  We don’t get synopsis, but I am still most interested in Hawkeye and the crew of Star Trek: Discovery.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]


Doctor Who: Flux – S13E05 – Survivors of the Flux – As the forces of evil mass, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan face perilous journeys and seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest for survival.

The Good Doctor – S05E07 – Expired – After visiting a possible wedding venue, Shaun and Lea happen upon a terrible car accident and discover Alma, a young pregnant mother who has been badly injured and needs immediate medical attention. Back at St. Bonaventure, Alma’s condition worsens, and Shaun and Drs. Lim and Jordan are forced to deliver the baby prematurely. Meanwhile, Dr. Glassman is apprehensive when a figure from his past reaches out for help

The Flash – S08E03 – Armageddon (3) – Barry meets Black Lightning at the Hall of Justice after things take a dire turn with Despero. Iris suspects something is off with Despero’s vision of the future so she seeks help from a powerful ally.

Riverdale – S06E03 – Chapter Ninety-Eight: Mr. Cypher – After being visited by a mysterious figure who arrives in Rivervale, the gang find themselves faced with unexpected ultimatums.

Hawkeye – S01E03 – Episode 3 – [No Description Given]

Lost in Space – S03 – [Ten Episodes, final season] – Trailer

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S00E05 – Beebo Saves Christmas – Everyone’s favorite fuzzy toy-turned furry god will once again be a hero as he tries to save Christmas in the all-new animated one-hour special Beebo Saves Christmas airing Wednesday, December 1. When Sprinkles, an efficiency-obsessed elf, decides that Christmas would run better without Santa Claus, Beebo and his friends travel to the North Pole to help discover what truly makes Christmas meaningful.

The Wheel of Time – S01E05 – Blood Calls Blood – Perrin and Egwene run into a familiar face. Mat and Rand see strange ones. Moiraine and Lan mourn their loss.

Young Justice: Phantoms – S04E09 – Odnu! – [No Description Given]

Star Trek: Discovery – S04E03 – Choose to Live – [No Description Given]


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  1. I just watched the Beebo special. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. As cartoon Christmas specials go, it’s not bad.

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