Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2021 December 26

Happy Boxing Day 📦 and welcome to the last update for 2021!  Season four of Cobra Kai drops, which I think makes this show  bigger than the movies that spawned it.  If you didn’t get enough animated magic for the holiday season, Zatanna is getting some more allies on Young Justice.  Mrs. Brown’s Boys continues the holiday specials, continuing Mammy’s holiday special.  Otherwise, The Doctor is our Holiday Special gateway into space, as she gets to face the Daleks again.  Our only two regularly scheduled shows are both taking place in the future, in space.  The Expanse deals with Ceres Station and Discovery also deals with the politics as the galaxy converges to discuss the DMA.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]

Young Justice: Phantoms – S04E13 – Kaerb Ym Traeh! – Zatanna and the Sentinels of Magic gain unlikely allies, but the new alliance may not be enough.

Star Trek: Discovery – S04E07 – …But to Connect – Tensions rise as representatives from across the galaxy gather to confront the threat of the Dark Matter Anomaly. Zora’s new sentience raises difficult questions.

The Expanse – S06E04 – Redoubt – Holden finds himself at odds with his crew when a controversial decision is uncovered. On Ceres, Avasarala struggles to contain an escalating humanitarian crisis. Drummer’s growing faction stage a daring raid with dire stakes. Filip, demoted to repair skiff duty, makes an unexpected discovery.

Cobra Kai – S04 – William Zabka and Ralph Macchio reprise their roles in this Emmy-nominated sequel to the hit “Karate Kid” films.

Mrs Brown’s Boys – S00E24 – Mammy’s Mickey (2021 Christmas Special Part Two) – The Browns get a visit from Uncle Micky, who is fresh out of prison with a new scam up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Winnie tries liven up her life with some daredevil stunts.

Doctor Who – S00E01 – Eve Of The Daleks – [Wasn’t listed, but I know it’s due.]

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