Night Stalker Discussion – “The Burning Man”

Tonight’s episode is directed by Tony Wharmby, one of
the better directors from the crew of The

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  1. Night Stalker
    The more I see this show the more I long for the original. Not that I don’t enjoy this version, it just isn’t as much fun. Kolchak is such a wet towel … lighten up! I still get the feeling that this show is trying to be “X-Files” instead of “Night Stalker.” “The Burning Man” was another good episode, and I’m looking forward to next week as well … “Nobody does Halloween like The Night Stalker,” according to ABC. Still, I hope they get some good old-fashioned vampires, ghosts and witches in here pretty quick. This X-Files/conspiracy stuff isn’t going to cut it too long. “Supernatural” is doing it a lot better so far.

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