Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2022 January 9

“When are my CW shows Dropping?” Complains my fellow bureaucrats.  Well, good news, that week is this week!  First, we have the most drastic of circumstances in the most gentle way possible as Call the Midwife deals with some devastating diagnosis.  Superman & Lois come back for season two, setting the scenes for smalltown drama.  Meanwhile on Tatooine, Boba Fett and Agent May continue to try to consolidate power.  The Legends pick their season up as Sara realizes they aren’t exactly good for the timeline (No word on if Marvin actually makes an appearance.)  Batwoman gives us some of Renee’s backstory.  Star Trek: Prodigy reveals some more of the ships backstory.  The Blacklist plays tennis.  We also get the series finale in an extra long episode that I expect will have trouble wrapping up all the available plot lines.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]

Call the Midwife – S11E02 – Episode 2 – At the monthly cytology clinic, Sister Frances comforts a young woman who is struggling with a life-changing diagnosis. Lucille supports a difficult mother.

Superman & Lois – S02E01 What Lies Beneath – Lois and Clark struggle as a couple while Chrissy adjusts to running The Smallville Gazette with Lois. Jonathan faces new challenges on the football field, and secrets threaten to destroy Jordan and Sarah’s growing relationship. Meanwhile, Kyle grows concerned over Lana’s involvement with a new mayoral candidate. Lastly, John Henry Irons and his daughter Natalie attempt to make this new Earth their home.

The Book of Boba Fett – S01E03 – Chapter 3 – [No Description Giving]

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S07E08 – Paranoid Android – Sara starts to realize her team is making questionable choices when it comes to the timeline. Trying to figure out who is behind everything, Sara discovers some harsh truths.

Batwoman – S03E08 – Trust Destiny – Mary and Alice continue their sisterly bonding, Ryan, Luke and Sophie are desperate and willing to do almost anything to stop them…even entertaining a dangerous proposition by Renee Montoya that finally rid Gotham of Pamela Isley. As the team hunts for the source of Poison Mary’s power – and potential demise – Renee is forced to revisit her heartbreaking past. Meanwhile, Marquis grows more unhinged and throws a spectacularly sinister soiree at Wayne Tower…and everyone is invited.

Star Trek: Prodigy – S01E07 – Episode 7 – [No Description Giving]

The Blacklist – S09E08 – Dr. Razmik Maier – The death of a professional tennis player leads the Task Force to a doctor who may be fixing the odds for a major sports betting syndicate. Red digs deeper into Dembe’s betrayal. Ressler struggles with sobriety.

The Expanse – S06E06 – Babylon’s Ashes – [Series Finale – No Description Giving]

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  1. There is a new show on the CW based on a DC comic. : Naomi. The CW DC shows haven’t been something that I have been following for a bit but thought there might be other who would be interested in it.

      • In the comic, she goes by “Powerhouse,” and she’s from an alt-earth. She has some kind of energy-manipulation powers, but I don’t know much else about her, as she’s of very recent origin (the 2000-teens).

        Superman and Lois, characters we have heard of, will get a review of the underwhelming season two premiere later today and then, probably, series reviews at mid-season and finale time.

  2. Peacekeeper also dropped today, apparently it wasn’t on my “Watch” list. Neither was How I Met Your Father, but I don’t think that’s Genre and don’t know if it’s any good yet.

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