Surface Discussion – “106”

The official site lists the next episode for November
7, so I’m guessing there’s something else going on for

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  1. Slowing Down
    Or at least, that’s the feeling I’m getting from this show. It may be that there are just too many plot threads going on, but they did start to trim them down this week, so they may be fixing that. Still, I’m never expecting the end of the episode when it hits – it’s all build with no payoff.

    I really hate Miles’ parents after this episode – before this it was just his Mom, but his Dad showed he was just as annoying this week – instead of talking/listening to his kid, he runs around the house with a golf club and grounds the boy.

  2. did I miss an ep or something
    At the start of the ep, Cirko says he has figured out where the critters come from (almost sounded like a reference to the lame triple helix thing that Threshold used). A little later, he is meeting somebody (looked like the government spook, but all those almost bald guys look alike to me). Cirko hands the guy something, says its all there and the guy says we’ll have to set you up in DC, you have to meet with the Pentagon, the CIA, etc. But wasn’t he already working with all these people?
    I thought the gov was behind all his work and the conspiracy. Now suddenly, Cirko and his colleague are being conspired against and I have no idea what is going on. Sloppy writing or did I miss something? I liked the show until the mystical stuff (visions of dead relatives) and the magma stuff showed up, but now I think they maybe went too far, even for my suspension of disbelief.

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