Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2022 April 3

This week, the breakroom seems to be taking a break from super-heroes, as only The Flash gives us a heads up on Frost taking on Black Flame and Iris taking on child abandonment.  Moon Knight may fall into that category, but he is secretive about the episode.  So is Young Justice, and they are animated.  If you want to stick with comics, Riverdale’s characters promise to be less horrible.  Robot Chicken delves into comics, as Bruce deals with his parent’s murder being commercialized.  The Good Doctor investigates a Biohacker.  Star Trek: Picard is joined in space by Halo, but neither give us any episode details.  The Blacklist’s subplot about blackmail overlaps with their episode plot.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]

Riverdale – S06E08 – Chapter One Hundred and Three: The Town – After learning that Percival Pickens is behind a blistering article calling Riverdale the worst town in America, Archie comes up with a plan to prove him wrong. Meanwhile, after the Town Council goes after their casino, Veronica and Reggie decide they’re going to do everything on the up-and-up moving forward. Finally, Britta makes a risky move to help Cheryl.

Robot Chicken – S11E20 – May Cause Weebles to Fall Down – Once again it’s time for Discovery’s Mark Week courtesy of Robot Chicken; Nobody realizes Daria is being sarcastic until it’s too late; The Wayne family’s Murder Alley gets commercialized and Bruce is pissed.

The Good Doctor – S05E13 – Growing Pains – While Drs. Lim, Murphy and Wolke help a teenage “biohacker” whose self- experiments begin to compromise his health, Drs. Morgan, Park, Jordan and Glassman treat a young woman who wants a controversial surgery to treat her depression and chronic pain. Additionally, Dr. Reznick looks to take the next step in her relationship with Dr. Park.

Moon Knight – S01E02 – Episode 2 – [No Description Given]

The Flash – S08E10 – Reckless – Barry’s desire to keep Team Flash safe is tested when Frost recklessly courts danger as she tries to stop the “Black Flame,” meanwhile, Iris tries to help a teen girl reunite with her mother but unintentionally does more harm than good.

Young Justice: Phantoms – S04E17 – Episode 17 – [No Description Given]

Star Trek: Picard – S02E06 – Episode 6 – [No Description Given]

Halo – S01E03 – Stowing Away – [No Description Given]

The Blacklist – S09E15 – Andrew Kennison – Tensions rise when Cooper’s search for his blackmailer overlaps with the Task Force’s latest Blacklist case.