Cinescape’s Top 25 Summer Blockbusters

Cinescape has a list of their picks for the Top
25 Summer Blockbusters
. Genre picks are all over
the place, as well as some debatable choices.
(Caddyshack and The Thing made the
list, but Ghostbusters didn’t?) Take a look,
and let us know how you’d have picked them.

3 replies on “Cinescape’s Top 25 Summer Blockbusters”

  1. Timeshredder says:

    some odd picks

    Generally, I agreed with their choices. A few comments boggle my mind. Does Independence Day hold up? Well, yeah… It was a crappy, bloated special effects film with a few good performances and a stupid ending then, and it’s a crappy, bloated special effects film with a few good performances and a stupid ending now. Blues Brothers? It’s amusing, but I’d hardly call it one of the great summer films– and I was a huge fan of the original Saturday Night Live. Ditto Caddyshack. I find it amusing but, like fiz, I can think of more memorable summer movies.

    I’d put …Jedi up there. Despite all of the criticism it received for the Ewoks, it was an event, and an strong conclusion. Caddyshack and The Thing weren’t exactly events.

    • roseblood says:

      Re: some odd picks
      F911? Summer BLOCKBUSTER? Forget the politics (and the flameware that’ll be ingited.)

      Where’s GHOSTBUSTERS?

      To repeat what TImeshredder said, where’s RotJedi? (Sure, SW IV, V, and VI could be lumped to share the #2 spot as they’re eposides of one ongoing story.)

      Let’s talk about The Lion King vs Shrek vs Nemo. Do you think Shrek would have even been made if The Lion King hadn’t brought back the animated-blockbuster? ADULTS went to see TLK on their own accord. Kids had to drag their parents to see Shrek (but I’ll admit, the parents got some good laughs while they were there, but Shrek is just part of the Toy-Story fallout.) Hell… why wasn’t Toy Story on the list?

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