Gillian Anderson To Leave X-Files

The lovely Gillian Anderson has announced that she’ll be leaving “The X-Files” after the upcoming season, mostly to spend more time with her daughter.

2 replies on “Gillian Anderson To Leave X-Files”

  1. Well that’s it, isn’t it…
    What’s the bet that they wind up the X-files after next season?

    Although I’d really like to see the series continue with the oft promised alien invasion.

    They could really change the series into something different if they did that…

  2. X-files lost it several seasons back.
    By ‘it’ I mean, that interesting dynamic that kept me watching.

    I enjoyed the early episodes that gave little to no actual explanation of what had been going on. Where the events and the theories about them led down several exclusive paths of reasoning with no way to pick between them. Those episodes got less and less common; the magic for me was gone.

    By the time there actually was an invasion, I didn’t care anymore. The truth was supposed to be out there, not handed to the viewer on a silver platter.

    Which isn’t to say that Mulder wasn’t a continual source of humor.

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