Weekly DVD Picks – December 13, 2005

The DVD list is starting to taper off some, as many
people will have already started their Christmas
shopping. I’ve pre-written these columns for the rest
of the year; do you want them posted early, to plan
your own Christmas shopping, or would you prefer I
stick to the “one a week” schedule?

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. The Newsroom
was a great
series, that wasn’t intended to last more than a
season. There’s a
fabulous parody of Federico Fellini, and an incredible
amount of
subtle humour, centred around the head of the
Newsroom. There’s a
news anchor who is a complete and utter idiot, and a
number of other
interesting characters. Canadian comedy tends to be
offbeat, but this
hits the offbeat mark and is still highly
entertaining. The lines of
dialogue that end the season are some of the funniest
I’ve ever
heard. Highly, highly recommended.

4 replies on “Weekly DVD Picks – December 13, 2005”

  1. Death Race 2000!!!
    Man what a horrible movie. And it’s been out of print forever! I’ll probably end up getting this, I’m almost embaressed to admit…

    Minor correction: Zucker/Abrahams first comedy was “The Kentucky Fried Movie” rather than rhe renamed “Airplane”. And yay, another Special Edition of somehting I already have. Frankly the only reason I’d get a Special Edition is if it includes better sound and video from the old release, and I think this one does.

    Still waiting for a better “Spies Like Us” release…

    I, for one, would love the entire list now.

    Oh and I know I’m getting Simpsons Season 7 (;

  2. About the Remix editions
    What makes the Remix editions worth getting are the remastered video, the fact that the DVDs have actually been moderatly hard to come by for a while, and it had the extras from the “Session 0” release (interviews with the Japanese cast and staff among other things), promos, trailers, all that good stuff. In other words, if you don’t have Cowboy Bebop already, it’d probably be more worth your money to get the Remix editions.

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