No, the date isn’t a typo. December 27 may be a
Tuesday, but December 26 is one of the biggest (if not
the biggest) shopping days of the year.
Therefore, most studios recognize the benefit of
having products available on that day, so many
releases are due on Monday. The releases that
appealed to me are listed below.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • 2046:
    love this director, but the movie never screened where
    I live. I’ll
    try to track down the DVD.
  • American
    Presents – Band Camp
    : Because you don’t need the
    original cast to
    make money on a direct-to-video sequel.
  • The
    Shield –
    The Complete Fourth Season
    : The well reviewed cop
    drama keeps
    coming to DVD.
  • Tracey
    On – The Complete First Season
    : Did you ever see
    the real
    first broadcast of the Simpsons?
  • Finally, the pick of the week. Toy Story 2
    was a fantastic
    movie that you should definitely check out (assuming
    you haven’t
    already.) This is both fantasy and animated, but
    people don’t think
    of it in those terms, because it’s just such a bloody
    good movie that
    people who don’t think they like fantasy or animation
    want to pretend
    that the terms don’t apply here. Better than the
    excellent original.