It’s time for Dave’s annual “tinker with the database” session. Read on for the latest round of stuff he broke.

The only thing that really changed is the tag. Now, instead of having to highlight a spoiler, you should be able to merely move your mouse over a “spoiled” chunk of text and it’ll appear automatically, through the joys of JavaScript.

There’s a bunch of kooky back-end/database stuff that you hopefully won’t need to be concerned with.

There’s a little quirk, in that if you post a new comment that’s a reply to an old comment, it may look ugly. Fortunately, this will cease to be a problem in a few days when old articles have drifted away. Since the problem will go away in a few days, I’m probably not gonna bother to fix it…

Oh yeah, HTML in comments is disabled. Despite my best efforts to the contrary, I couldn’t completely lock it down from kooky XSS exploits. Those of you that used it, sorry.

This thread is now about all the other things that are horribly broken with the site, feature requests, and playing with the spoiler tag.