writes, Although I had thought that the plan was
to end Smallville with the current fifth
season, according to an interview that did with Al Gough, they seem to be planning a
sixth season (right here on page two).
With the upcoming deaths of major characters – not to
mention the complete turn to the Darkside for Lex – is
there really any point in continuing with
Smallville? There’s already been a
Superboy show, Lois and Clark covered
the Superman years (as did Christopher Reeves’
movies), so would there really be anything left for
them to cover? I’ve enjoyed this show for the unique
view it gave of Clark Kent’s formative years (not to
mention Allison Mack), and I respected the fact that
they had planned to only run for five years, but now
I’m not so sure.
I think that the thousands of comics with the
character show that stories can still be told. The
real question is, with Miller and Gough spending more
time in Florida on Aquaman, who will be the
person “on the ground” for Smallville?