Sign of things to come, Disney’s Toy Story 3 scrapped

writes, A telling sign on the direction of the new
company, it has surfaced (link)
that Disney’s Toy Story 3 project has been cancelled,
saying that sequels would only be developed if the
story demanded it (rather than Disney’s typical
fashion of churning out crap sequel after crap
sequel). Yay!

2 replies on “Sign of things to come, Disney’s Toy Story 3 scrapped”

  1. y42 says:

    I would never have thought that "Disney buying Pixar" could mean good news!

  2. Nexus.1 says:

    Great News!
    Best news I’ve heard all day. You know Disney is at an all time creative low when they release Bambi 2. Them dropping what would most likely be a disadtrous project is hopefully a sign of things to come.

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