I just read this
TVShowsOnDVD article
. For those who haven’t seen
it, Gargoyles was a remarkably mature Disney
cartoon, which had a huge teenage audience. It wasn’t
the shiny, pretty world that so much of Disney’s
current output seems to be built off of. Instead, it
felt like fantasy characters lodged in the real world.
Moreover, it featured serialized stories, a rarity in
children’s entertainment. I’ve been putting off
buying them, hoping for a complete series pack, but
I’ve just ordered the two available sets now. This
show may not have enough audience left to outsell
Bambi II or the next direct to video sequel,
but it deserves to. I’m spending the dollars on it,
hoping to convince Disney that there is a market for
content on this on DVD, and that it’s worth their
while to release the rest of the series. If you
remember the show, or have teenagers who would be
willing to listen to recommendations, pick up a set.
(Note that season two, volume one has twice the
episode count as season one, so it’s actually a better