Anonymous Coward writes,
On July 11, www.dustrunners.com
launched a new game with a very special prize: the
chance to be a criminal.
Dustrunners is an animated series coming to the web
this fall. It’s about asteroid
pirates. It’s about government police forces. It’s
about dogfights and covert operations.
And if you’re clever, it can be about you. Six
skilled players will actually become
characters in the show. They will work with ship and
character designers to make
their ideal personalities, and will be integrated
into the story. How do you play?
That’s the tricky part.
nf0 also pointed us to this site.

2 replies on “Dustrunners”

  1. well, that was quick.
    By their rules, the contest is already over. (Short version:
    the first six people to get on the “Most Wanted Pirates”
    list are the winners. There’s already seven.)

    Apparently, most of the game’s points are/were scored by
    just posting a whole lot on their message boards. Sigh.

    • Re: well, that was quick.
      not true… the people posted are NPCs (non-player characters) to add to the atmosphere and such… no one who’s playing has yet won…

      also, it is technically impossible to win by just posting on the boards…

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