Yeah, “old” kinda covers it… For the long version of the story, hit “Read More” below. The short version is: I thought I’d try something new. Tell me if you think it’s cool or lame.

So, here’s the promised “long version.”

One of the things that always irked me about the old site is how, well, I’m the only one that ever worked on it. Going back since the previous remodeling around the start of this year, I’m the only one who put much into it. And all I’ve ever gotten out of it is a bit of weariness.

So, over the past few months, I was lucky enough to find someone who was willing to pay me to work on this new version of the site. (Well, not in as many words, but close enough.) This has all kinds of nifty feedback, better logging, user comments, and an ultra spiffy domain name to boot.

I figure, I’ll let this one sit up for a few days, see what happens. Go create an account and tell me what you think. If it reeks, I’ll pull the old version of Sci-Fi News back out. If it’s a hit, well, then we all win.