It’s time once again for Dave’s vaguely-incoherent ramblings on recent updates to the site, and for you to provide your feedback. “Read more” and “Post a comment,” preferably in that order.

Here’s the latest stuff that’s happened that you may (or may not) notice…

  • On the front page, you’ll now see the latest headlines from the really cool Sci-Fi Storm news site. Hey, they put us on their front page; it seemed only fair.
  • Article comments now appear in a vaguely-threaded fashion, instead of in strict “order in which they were posted” order. There’s some neat indentation too, where comments that are replies to previous comments are indented a little bit, so it looks kinda like Slashdot or K5. Is this good or bad? (Someday, there’ll be enough comments on any given article that I’ll have to implement some sort of “nested” view that presents just a synopsis, and make comment view modes user-selectable, but we’re not there yet…)
  • I know there haven’t been many new stories of late – hey, it’s summer, everyone’s working hard and there’s not quite as much news to pick from anyway. As always, if you see something juicy out there, use the “story idea” link that’s on every page. You don’t even have to be logged in for that.
  • Which brings up another tangent: I’ve been trying to decide for the longest time whether to allow anonymous users to post comments. I’ve been against it because I want to try to build a sense of community, which is hard to do without some sense of individual identity, but there’s not much community here anyway (the most popular stories ever posted only got 15 or so comments).

So there’s the rant.

“The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire. Discuss.”