Supernatural Discussion – “Devil’s Trap”

This is the season finale, not the series finale.
It’s also just been announced that the first season
will hit DVD on September 5 of this year.

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  1. Could be both
    It sure looks like this could be either the series or the season finale.

    I mean, if they all die in the crash, series over. If they survive, its not.

    I was kind of disappointed in how this all ended. The cliffhanger came out of nowhere (literally), and not from a buildup in the drama in the episode. And its way too easy to just envision game over from the final scene.

    • Re: Could be both
      yeah thats what I was thinking. It cant end like that, they havn’t even killed that demon yet. Thats why I was tinking that they shouldnt have eneded it like that, unless they’re not dead. Hopefully

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