Weekend Box Office Totals – “X-Men: The Last Stand” does well

The weekend box office estimates are in. The top
performers were:

  1. X-Men: The Last Stand – $107 million with
    a $210 million estimated budget, opening on 3,690
    screens. The per screen average is about $29
    thousand, so this was the one that kept selling out
    this weekend. (That’s the highest per screen in the
    top ten.)
  2. The Da Vinci Code – another $33.5 million
    in week two, pushing it to $136 million total with an
    estimate $125 million budget. Still, that’s a huge
    drop for the second week, despite the addition of 19
    more screens to bring it up to 3,754 total, which is
    more than X-Men.
  3. Over The Hedge – another $27 million in
    week two, bringing it up to $76 million total, with no
    budget estimate at Box Office Mojo. It had the
    highest screen count of the weekend, at 4093.
  4. Mission: Impossible III – brings in $6.6
    million in week four, reaching a total of $114 million
    with an estimated $150 million budget. I doubt this
    will show a profit before the DVD release. Tom Cruise
    just isn’t the sure thing he used to be. 3053
  5. Poseidon – adds $5.9 million, for a total
    of $45.5 million over three weeks, with an estimated
    budget of $160 million. It’ll be a long time before
    this shows a profit. 3,245 screens.
  6. RV – another $3.9 million, $56 million
    total, $50 million budget, 2,481 screens.
  7. See No Evil – brought in a respectable
    $2.5 million on only 1,270 screens, for a total of
    $8.5 million with an $8 million budget.
  8. Just My Luck – $1.8 million this week,
    $13 million total, 1,604 screens
  9. United 93 – $740 thousand, $30 million
    total, $15 million budget, 781 screens
  10. An American Haunting – $700 thousand, $15
    million total, $14 million budget, 748 screens
  11. Akeelah and the Bee – $670 thousand, $17
    million total, no budget estimate, 487 screens
  12. Keeping Up With The Steins – $579
    thousand, $1.9 million total, no budget estimate, 146
  13. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown – $570 thousand,
    $190 million total, $80 million budget estimate, 633
    screens (down 523 from last week). This film was down
    42.3% in revenue from last week, and down 45% in
    available screens (with no knowledge of how many
    screenings it was reduced by). Dreamworks is
    excellent at predicting the demand and dropoff to
    their films.

The highest per screen average this week wasn’t
X-Men: The Last Stand, but rather a movie
that didn’t even make this top list. An
Inconvenient Truth
opened on 4 screens and
brought in $266 thousand, for a per screen average of
$66,500. Nicely done.

Next week’s big opening titles include:

  • The Break-Up – directed by Peyton Reed,
    starring Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, and Jon
    Favreau. Favreau is currently working on writing and
    directing Iron Man, the first in-house Marvel
    theatrical production, which will start shooting in
    January and open in 2008.
  • Peaceful Warrior – A true story directed
    by Victor Salva and starring Sam Mechlowicz, Nick
    Nolte, and Amy Smart
  • 13th District – directed by Pierre Morel,
    this is a sci-fi action flick that’s being imported
    from France. Co-written by Luc Besson.
  • Typhoon – Dreamworks SKG imported this
    action movie from South Korea. Directed by Kyung-Taek