Weekly DVD Picks – June 27, 2006

Is there anything worthwhile this Tuesday, or should you just give the new Superman a shot?

First, the genre releases.

Now, the non-genre releases.

Finally, the pick of the week. I’ve got to go with Columbo myself, though the best Amazon.com reader reviews are for Slings and Arrows. (At this time, it’s got six reviews, all five star.) I don’t recommend what I haven’t seen, and I know Columbo is great.

3 replies on “Weekly DVD Picks – June 27, 2006”

  1. Fear Factor on DVD?
    It says something that they’re now releasing game shows on DVD. (Well, maybe they did with Survivor, too, I don’t remember; any others out there?)

    I don’t know what it says, but it definitely says something. (I think it says something about marketing, at least: I have a feeling a lot of people somehow don’t even realize shows like Fear Factor and Survivor are game shows.)

    • Re: Fear Factor on DVD?
      I was going to comment on that too… it scares me to think someone would actually buy this. Heck, even Joe Rogan trashes the show on DVD commentary for Newsradio…

  2. Monk, Ultraviolet
    I’d go for the Ultraviolet flick simply ’cause it looked like it <em>could</em> be ok. I’ll hopefully get to pick it up this week.

    Monk was pretty good for season 1 but it lost its lustre for my wife and I somewhere during season 2, it was just too much of the same formula. We saw a season 4 episode where the helper suddenly ran off to her ex husband and they got someone else to help him, but it was someone who had absolutely <em>no</em> chemistry with Monk, it was definitely a decision for the worse.


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