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  1. no content
    No content at all in the trailer, but it’s still cool. I grew up liking TMNT, and even though I have nostalgic memories or other toons/characters, these have always been one of my favorites. I hope it turns out cool, but it’s way to early to tell.

  2. More hopes to come crashing down
    …when an impressively dark trailer turns out to hinge on a comedic moment at the end. Damn it, the movies/cartoon ruined an awesome b&w comic book. The turtles weren’t funny – at least, not in a slapstick manner. They were funny in a purely ironic manner, because the whole thing was done so seriously – it was a modern ninja manga, which happened to star the most un-ninja-like creatures you could think of.

    But it ruled.

    Then came the damn movie franchise, and suddenly they were surfer-talking comedians. It was frigging awful.

    Now – a trailer which is oh so tempting looking because, content-free as it is, it is visually almost perfectly representational of the original comic art style. Lots of silhouettes, shadows, darkness. I’ll want to like it. I’ll want to see it.

    And then one of them will say ‘Dude!’ and it will all come crashing down, causing me to gnash my teeth and flee weeping from the full second trailer, vowing never to be hurt again.

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