There’s some great TV product coming out this week. Be sure to take a look.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • Bob Newhart – Complete Fourth Season: This was a good show, in its day.
  • The Chris Rock Show – Seasons 1 and 2: All 17 episodes. Those are short seasons.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond – The Complete Seventh Season
  • Footballers Wives – The Complete Third Season
  • Gilmore Girls – Complete Sixth Season
  • Grease (Rockin’s Rydell Edition): A rerelease with new features. Let’s hope it has a new transfer, too. My sister has a copy of the first release, and it looks terrible.
  • Hart to Hart: Complete Second Season: Get reaquainted with the boss and Mrs. H.
  • Henry Fonda – The Signature Collection: Includes “Advise and Consent,” “Battle of the Bulge,” “Mister Roberts” and “The Wrong Man.” Don’t let the low scores fool you; they’re either complaining because all of these movie were already available, or because Warner Brothers didn’t include different movies, some of which Warner doesn’t even own the rights to. Yes, these are all available in other places. (I’ve got “The Wrong Man” in the Hitchcock signature collectin and “Advise and Consent” in the first controversial classics collection, for example.) That doesn’t make them bad movies. “Advise and Consent” is a very realistic feeling political film, “The Wrong Man” is a non-fiction crime movie directed by Hitchcock, “Mister Roberts” is a naval comedy that is quite funny, and “Battle of the Bulge” is a war drama and the only film in the set I haven’t seen. If you don’t already own the movies elsewhere, then this is a great price for them. (If your budget has more space, I’d even suggest getting the two box sets I mentioned above and the other two Fonda films on their own.)
  • Hitchcock Favorites: It’s a St. Clair Vision three movie set, and at this price, it’s almost certainly unrestored British films Hitchcock made. They don’t reveal the movies it includes, though, which is unfortunate as I have most but not all of those, and would like to know if this would help me fill in my collection.
  • King of Queens – Complete Sixth Seasons
  • My Name Is Earl – The Complete First Season: This is an incredibly funny show, which just won the Emmy awards for best writing and best directing in a comedy. I don’t understand why it wasn’t even nominated for best comedy.
  • Spirit of the Beehive: Another Criterion Collection release.
  • The Unit – Season One

Finally, the pick of the week.
It’s a bit hard this week. Going by just the stuff I’ve seen, I’d have to go with My Name Is Earl, but based on the strength of the episodes I have seen, I suspect that Battlestar Galactica will win out once I watch the DVDs.