Every online news source I check is being pounded into submission. If you’ve managed not to hear the news, both towers have collapsed after being hit by hijacked aircraft. (They were 767’s, in the latest report I heard.) A helicopter has hit the Pentagon. Government buildings all over the U.S. are being evacuated. (There may be similar evacuations in Canada; that’s unconfirmed.) I’ve heard that a plane has crashed outside Pittsburgh. There are reports of other hijackings still happening.

The world’s about to become a very ugly place.

It seems Dave hadn’t realized there might be a need for a “terrorist attack” category (who would?), I’ll leave this as “Ask The Bureau” and request that anyone with additional information or comments post them below.

Slashdot seems to be holding up well. The comments there are loaded with various links, mirrors, and updates. We can’t keep up with them, so you might as well go there for updates.