Weekly DVD Picks – October 24, 2006

I’m posting this a day early as tomorrow will be a busy day.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. In spite of the rave reviews I’ll give the JLU set just as soon as I can watch it, I’ve got to pick the “Essential Art House – 50 Years of Janus Films” set. I somehow missed this when looking ahead at the releases over the past few months, and have just redrafted my entire budget for the next four months to make room for it. There are some absolutely fantastic titles in that collection.

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  1. Porkey’s
    You know, I never actually watched that movie until very recently when TiVo decided I might like it.

    And while it has it’s Teen Movie parts, it has a LOT more substance than most teenage movies, especially the crappy ones that are out recently. Deals with some complex/real issues likes violence, antisemetism, etc.

    I hope tomorrow’s busy day includes the discussion for the BEST EPISODE OF BSG EVER!

  2. 180 Degrees on Animated DVD Philosophy
    After selling Justice League story arc by story arc, a police which I abhorred, DC/Warner has gone entirely in the other direction. They could easily have released their first (of two) JLU package as two separate sets and even I, someone previously bitter about the way they were releasing animation, wouldn’t have complained. So, big ups for them not trying to gouge the fans quite as much.

    My pick out of this week’s release list is unquestionably the JLU set (which I do believe I’ll pick up next Friday) if for no other reason than it contains my absolute favorite "one-off" episode of the entire JL/JLU run: "This Little Piggy." Kevin Conroy will forever be the voice of Batman to me, and this episode (which I believe should be on a disc one) is an absolute must-watch for any fans of his. I won’t give too much away, but there’s a song and it’s awesome. Buy it or borrow it, and you won’t regret it. :)

  3. degrassi
    i know that everyone on this site is probley gonna hate me after i post this, but iam addicted to that degrassi show. me and my friend both are. its like a teenage soap opra. but soap operas are lame, this degrassi has drama but teenage drama, i dunno, i just love it i would like to know what everyone else thinks.

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