vanyel writes, After having watched 5 episodes, I have some thoughts:
I’ve moved those thoughts below to avoid some spoilers for those not watching.

vanyel continues,
1. I have to say “I rest my case” to those who thought there was a lot of “gay content” in the show. We’ve gotten 1 drug induced gay snog, 1 drug induced lesbian snog and 1 reference to the fact that Cap’n Jack will “shag anything good looking”. When it comes to anything important, it’s straight: the love of his life from the past and the clear attraction to Gwen now. The latter is understandable, given the majority of the audience, but the former is just simply selling out.

2. It’s a lot darker than I was expecting, and in fact, to be believable should be even darker: after that stunt, Ianto should be history. Given the emotional angst over the decision that had to be made, there is no way any of them could go back to business as usual the next day. Although I like the show, they’re going to need to lighten up a bit or it won’t be watchable on an ongoing basis.