Andromeda season opener

writes, Has anyone else seen the cliffhanger
episode for Andromeda? I think it was ended the last
season. The Magog are loose on board. But they have
even bigger problems. Things get bloody. You should
check it out.
According to the schedules in our
downloadables section, this season finale airs
tonight, with the season premier next week. This is
a show we haven’t talked about much here since it
finally hit the air. Does anyone out there have
opinions they’d like to share?

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  1. The new season…
    has already started in Canada. We had the season premier on sept. 22 and another episode last saturday sept. 29 on Global, right after the new Stargate SG-1 episodes (season 5, which also started on the same date). The season opener was rather nice with everyone surviving more or less the magogg (sp?) attack. I think the main purpose of the episode was to somehow give the show a new objective or story arc, because they no longer have all the time in the universe to reunite the Commonwealth… In the second episode, the Maru is attacked by Nietzcheans (sp?) during a supply run and crashes on a small snow-covered planet. Dylan, Tyr and Becka sort of get worried when they find out Rev Bem has been fasting for 3 weeks and is now very very hungry… and back on the Andromeda (which is dead in space), Harper tries to deal with the “problem” he acquired during the previous episode.

    I like this show. It’s not “great”, but it’s good enough to watch every week. And if Global can stop themselves from moving it’s airing time every week like they did last year, it might gain a stronger following, especially now that it follows SG-1.

  2. good season opener
    I finally got a chance to see the season opener. It was well done. The characters are developing in relation to each other. The acting is better than last season. The opening credits and music are different. The thematic thrust of the show is changing. Two new sets of characters are introduced, although both sets are robots tied to the ship.

    Hercules’s character, Dylan, is developing well. Kevin Sorbo seems more comfortable in the role now.

    What bugs me about the show? They are exploring strange new worlds like Star Trek. They are meeting strange alien races, and solving problems that arise. Last year, the overall mission was to re-construct the Commonwealth, a joyless quest akin to a King Arthur story. But where are all the human inhabited worlds? Why doesn’t the crew try to get the human worlds to join the Commonwealth? With the predominantly human crew, it would seem like a natural.

    One intriguing part of the show is the need for a sentient organic being to pilot the Andromeda through slipstream (hyperspace or warp). Otherwise, the ship would get lost. For all the technological achievement, there are still things machines can’t do. It’s an optimistic thought, and it also adds to the tensions in the plot, as illustrated in the season opener.

    If you watched an episode or two last year and decided it wasn’t worth your time, it might be worth seeing what’s changed.

    If you have a lot of time on your hands, the show’s web site is

  3. The Widerning Gryr
    Yes i have watched the double episode for the end of season & start, i thought this was very good, it is starting to be a bit more gritty in the story lines..
    I believe in the U.K. Sky one i think ran both episodes back to back.I have watched it from the Beginning.I hope it is being developed as Mr G.Roddenbury would have hoped.

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