Charlie Jade on DVD

fsphil writes, About a year later than expected, the under-rated (read: completely ignored) sci-fi series Charlie Jade has finally found it’s way to DVD. In Japan.

It features English and Japanese audio tracks, and Japanese subtitles. The box set is out on the 2nd Feburary and goes for a fairly hefty ¥18,000. have it for ¥14,175.

This may be the only release this series ever gets, so I thought it might be worth a mention. Who knows, if it sells well…

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  1. What I’ve seen, I’ve liked
    If you like Blade Runner and other future noir, you ought to at least give this a look-see. I believe B42 did reviews of the episodes. It’s an interesting looking show, a bit derivative in parts (duh), but enjoyable. I’m sure it’s floating around the Interwebs, probably clogging some tube.

    • Re: What I’ve seen, I’ve liked

      I believe B42 did reviews of the episodes.

      Yep. We did reviews, which can be searched at this site or via my site.

      It’s a great show, largely ignored, and currently being rerun on Canadian television. It needs to be seen as a total story, however.

      The Bureau Reviews are no longer linked at wikipedia, but they do have a link to my overview of the series.

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