E.T. Phones Home Again

It’s nice to know that movie studios have their priorities in the right place.

“E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,” the tear-jerking tale of a boy and his alien, will be re-released in 2002 for its 20th anniversary. Why mention this now? Because the toys are already being announced. Maybe they’ll go dig up some of those five million extra copies of the Atari 2600 E.T. game that were supposedly buried in the desert and sell them too…

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  1. HAY NOW!!!
    I LOVED the Atari ET game. Now looking back I do admit the premise was pretty dumb but isn’t it better to look back and remember the HOURS upon HOURS of fun you had as a kid playing that game instead of looking at it now as a piece of crap??

  2. Enough merchandide?
    These people are planning to release E.T. on practically everything. What’s the point? What can you do with a new line of toys? What are they going to have, Drew Barrymore action figures? Aside from Elliot and E.T., I don’t even think there are any truly strong characters in the movie. I remember getting E.T. merchandise for Christmas when it first came out. I had the action figure (with movable arms and extendable neck), the stuffed version, and the “read-along” record. The record was the only thing that saw any use.

    This just seems like a blatant attempt to grab every dollar they can. They’ve moved past responding to the market, and started to convince people their products will fill needs they didn’t even know they had. I think it’s a good way to mess up the memory of an otherwise decent movie. The only part of this rerelease merchandise I’d be interested in is a soundtrack of the score. (When has John Williams ever gone wrong?)

  3. You’ve gotta be kidding.
    Even when that game came out — and I was *nine* at the time — I recognized how lame it was. That, and the Atari 2600 version of “Pac-Man,” both stunk up the whole neighborhood even then.

    Ms. Pac-Man was a decent port, though.

    Anyway. As far as Drew Barrymore action figures go… anyone know if there’s gonna be “Charlie’s Angels” merch? I’ll go buy the whole set, and set ’em up for Action Figure Theater. I figure those three chicks could take out Sephiroth, and maybe even Darth Maul. ;)

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