Review of Star Wars: Episode II

That’s right, it’s a review of episode 2, not episode 1. You can find it here. It’s on Ain’t It Cool News, so it might be a good faker pulling Harry’s leg, but Harry has explained why he posted it anyway. It’s apparantly pretty spoiler-filled, so I read as far as “This is the Star Wars you’ve been waiting for.” and then stopped. Read it if you want the spoilers, but please warn us if you post spoilers in your comments.

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  1. How About…
    Someone Who Doesn’t Mind Spoilers Read It And Post Us A Spoiler Free Version?

    • Spoiler Free Review of the Review

      Someone Who Doesn’t Mind Spoilers Read It And Post Us A Spoiler Free Version?

      OK, I read it, and you know what? I gotta say so what. Lots of known characters, lots of new characters, lots of special effects, lots of action figure and toy potential. Nobody was more psyched than me about the original Star Wars and especially Empire Strikes Back, best of the bunch. But with Jedi, the sense of dread and struggle against darkness was gone. So what if Vader destroyed whole planets, the true incarnation of evil? He was redeemed as a smiling Casper the Ghost before the credits rolled in Jedi and then recast as One Really Cute Kid in Phantom Menace. How can you maintain the sense of DESTINY that was at the core of the first two with this kind of follow up? From this review, Attack of the Clones seems to be more of the same. The action will be frentic, the special effects fantastic, the story convoluted, but the original spirit of the original movies that moved the hearts of a billion moviegoers is lost in space. Folks, that is the most disheartening spoiler of all.

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