Stargate SG1 Movie

Anonymous Coward writes, I met one of the
actors from SG1 at a Sci-Fi/Horror convention
yesterday. He told me that in addition to the
upcoming sixth season airing, they have gotten
the OK to start planning a feature film. I could
not find any additional official info on the SG1
website. I don’t want to mention the actor’s name
because I don’t want to get him in trouble in
case this is a leaked secret.
I read this
rumour a week ago or so. It was probably on Ain’t It Cool
, home of one of the Web’s worst search
engines. If anyone knows of another site that’s
reporting this, post the URL below.

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  1. It’s been reported before…
    I’ve had a number of articles before on this at Sci-Fi Storm, including this one where Peter Deluise (who writes and directs) talked to TV Highlights about coming up with ideas for the movie. This was back in May. MGM actually announced in October of last year in Variety that they had plans for one.

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