New “Transformers” trailer

Yahoo has a new trailer for Transformers available here. I was originally unsure about some of the redesigns, but every new trailer increases my faith in the project.

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  1. Characters
    I have yet to see a trailer with any of the Transformers talking… The transformers are major characters in the series and the humans are a very minor part of the story.

  2. Quick trailer review!
    High point -> Choo choo chee chee chee!

    Low point -> It’s got Michael Bay’s signature all over it.

    • Re: Quick trailer review!

      Michael Bay

      While I’m certainly as skeptical as anyone, I’m gonna make the ballsy move of saying that "Michael Bay" does not automatically mean "Oreck-levels of suck."

      Does it mean that this movie will have little or no continuity with the cartoons and comic books? Yes, but that’s irrelevant. More than a few of the "big" franchises have crossed from one medium to another, or been re-written or "re-versioned" or "re-imagined" or "re-cycled" if you prefer. Every change is pretty much guaranteed to annoy a few people, and make a few others happy, so that’s a wash.

      The important parts are here: big robots, little people, and (presumably) a healthy amount of fighting and explosions. It’s not like there was that much more to the cartoon, for instance. The comics, especially the UK ones, did have a bit of depth and plot and OMG CHARACTER BUILDING but they also had to spit out ten or fifteen pages every two weeks for nearly ten years.

      So, yeah, fighting and explosions. Michael Bay sure as heck knows how to deliver on those.

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