New Florida SciFi Event this September!

Assimilation writes, Green Mustard Productions (also known as Wasabi Anime) have announced Florida’s newest Science Fiction Experience for fans: ASSIMILATION. This weekend event will take place September 29th & 30th, 2007 at the Radisson Worldgate Resort in Orlando, Florida.Announced guests at this time are: ETHAN PHILLIPS (“Neelix” from Star Trek: Voyager) TRACY SCOGGINS (“Capt. Elizabeth Lochley” from Babylon 5) RICHARD HORVITZ (“Invader Zim” from Invader Zim) MICHAEL A. STACKPOLE (New York Times Bestselling Author) GLENDA C. FINKELSTEIN (Acclaimed Local Science Fiction Author) ROOSTER TEETH PRODUCTIONS (Creators of “Red vs Blue“)Tickets will go on sale after Memorial Day Weekend. For more information please visit the Assimilation 2007 website at This was lumped in the TV category due to the seeming majority of TV actors. There doesn’t seem to be a more appropriate category at this time.